FBA heading into the warehouse

Mainly for Amazon sellers, providing one-stop door-to-door service for sellers, providing a number of solutions for express, air direct mail, sea freight, LCL and many other solutions.

1. Air express
Mainly provide fast time warehousing services.
Shanghai, Shenzhen, 2 major ports direct flights, express delivery can achieve 3 days sign, the country pick up the goods.

2. Air line
Mainly provide economical warehousing services.
Shanghai, Shenzhen, two major ports direct flights, economical convenience, early season replenishment in the off-season, the first choice for distribution.

3. Shipping head
Mainly provide a large number of replenishment, shipping services when shipping.
Ningbo, Shanghai, Shenzhen 3 large consolidation container collection ports, the country's eight major ports can be shipped in the whole cabinet, the ship period is stable, economic and convenient.


10,000 stores in the country to pick up the goods
The whole door to door price
stable voyage and position
Insured claims (delay, loss)
National transfer, unified settlement
Can provide export tax rebate declaration service