Bonded Logistics Center Servics

I, By VMI, JIT, DC etc business model, it can help production-oriented enterprises realize zero inventory, reduce logistics costs. 

II, It can effectively solve the "import and export within one day" problem, “deep processing carryover without tax refund” problem, under the conditions of reducing transport and management costs, go ahead with the incoming or outcoming material carryover between each domestic enterprises, processing carryover manual verification, and materials lending, etc. 

III, Because the logistics center can refund tax early, it can be the commodities trading center, storage center of the domestic enterprises and suppliers and distributors, which can reduce their drawback capital pressure, and shorten the export proceeds time and lower risk. 

IV, Because the logistics center and overseas import bonded, normally does not execute import quotas, and permits management policy, foreign suppliers (or domestic purchasers, enterprise) can transport raw materials, components and other products from abroad to the bonded warehouse of the logistics center, according to domestic need, then arrange partial customs clearance, alleviate to relevant taxes, deposit etc pressure. 

V, The convenient customs clearance pattern of the distributed concentrative customs and zone-port interactive, can promote logistics operation efficiency, reduce customs and customs clearance costs. 

VI, It can export the material, semi-finished products and finished products, from different origin and factories into the logistics centre which can be bonded stored after tax refund, transport all over the world after consolidation into different containers as per its conditions, then reduce the transport costs. 

VII, It can effectively solve the tripartite and multilateral trade consignments payment problems because of the flexible exchange policy. 

VIII, With Chinese human resources advantages and cost advantages, and bonded logistics centers permit policy advantages, it can transfer sorting, packaging, posting code, even storage, delivery business of the overseas international logistics center to China, conduct international procurement and distribution and delivery, both close to Chinese huge market and reduce operation costs.